Friday, October 19, 2012

On the Needles Friday

 I am ready to knit the toe of my latest Opal yarn "Socktober" socks.  I was on business travel all week and nearly knitted an entire sock!  The flash makes them look much more yellow than they really are.  I am excited the stripes are fairly close on the sister socks.

I visited my brother's family last night.  He was also out on work travel, but I had a nice visit with SIL and my two darling middle school aged nieces.  They became very excited when I pulled out my knitting.  They are both learning to knit also.  I helped the older one remember to count so her scarf does not "grow" as she knits--she keeps adding stitches (like I did not so long ago--I just learned to knit myself in March).  I showed the younger niece how to cast on and knit (and count stitches) and she knitted four or five rows on her scarf fairly quickly. 

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