Monday, October 23, 2017

Design Wall Monday--Church banner edition

I am the worst procrastinator.  I was asked to make a banner for the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation months ago. The banner needs to hang next Sunday.  I started yesterday.  I am ready to baste and quilt.  I don't think I will outline stitch each piece.  I used fusible applique, and will cross hatch quilt it 2" apart.  It will never be washed, so it should not fray.  Wish me luck on my power sewing this week!!

I saw a similar banner on pinterest.  I need to see who I should credit the design.  Thank you designer! I could never come up with a design myself. 

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Friday, October 20, 2017

More Blanket!

I've made great progress on the Chevron Blanket.  I spent last weekend knitting, tinking, and re-knitting the first white stripe several time, but after I got past that I was moving and grooving! I'm glad I stuck with it.  I had been doing the "purl through the back loop" wrong sometimes, but now I've got it.

Actually, that was the problem I was having with two other projects, so now that I know how to PTBL correctly I can pick those projects back up one day.

I had chosen gender neutral colors, because my daughter didn't think they wanted to know the baby's sex.  Now the gender reveal party is scheduled for next month, so about the time I finish this blanket I may need to knit one in pink or blue!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Needle Report

After several months in time-out, I pulled the Chevron Baby Blanket back out.  I decided I had some funky stitch mistake happening, so I frogged and started over.  I'm glad I did.  It's going much better...until last night when I realized I had a mistake 5 rows back that I was trying to ignore.  It's not going away. 

Tonight will be some serious tinking!! I should have just stopped and taken out a couple of rows when I realized my count was off.  Ugh.  It's all good though.  Maybe I will catch up on some knitting podcasts.  ;)

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I'm Baaackkk!!!

Wow! Seems like forever since I have blogged....we had a fabulous vacation in South Dakota!!  So many things to experience--I had no idea those places existed.  Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills, The Badlands, Spearfish Canyon, Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, and Crazy Horse Monument.  I
And bonus--I did get a lot of knitting done!
I finished Danielle's jelly roll socks. I used Knitpicks yarn.

I finished the Sockhead hat.  This is the airport action knitting shot! I didn't think I would like the hat, but it was cold and I wore it -- received several comments and my ears were warm too.

Knitting at the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup.  Easy Lace Socks in Mississippi Storm color. I actually knit the pair in about 4 days-- a record for me!

Sorry--my editing skills suck.  The finished pair is pictured below.  The color is terrible. The first pic is the true color.

Friday, September 1, 2017

On the Needles

What a crazy busy couple of weeks!!!

I started a new pair of sock for my DIL: It is the Jelly Roll pattern using Cascade Heritage Sock yarn.  The first one I knit was too small, so I am knitting the medium size this time.

And...because I can't just knit one thing, I started some baby socks in Colinette Jitterbug yarn (deep stash dive---IDK the colorway).  The pattern is Cozy Little Toes and is so quick!
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Needle Report

I am all over the place.  I finished my first pair of Jelly Roll socks.  Fun pattern, even though I made some goofy mistakes.  I've got it figured out now.

My sweet DIL saw mine and asked for a pair.  I ordered some great yarn and knit away.  I finished one sock and thank goodness I took it over for her to try on.  It was too small! The length was fine, but I knitted a small size and it was not enough stitches.  I'm so glad I didn't knit the mate or the several pairs for her that I have planned. 
Too small

And....she said she was hoping I knitted her something "BABY" as they are trying to get pregnant.
So I am making another basic baby hat like this one:
And....I finished the Oyster Bed Cowl!!!Once I saw that I was knitting the stitch correctly, it went pretty fast.  I just need to block it.
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lots of Pieces!

Finally!  I stood still long enough to sew a block for our guild challenge.  You are supposed to make something quilted using half square triangles.  I do have a couple of squares in there, but I am not going to worry about it.  

I think I am going to add a couple of thin borders, quilt the top and make it into a pillow.  I hope my swap buddy likes it.

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