Monday, November 9, 2015

Return to the Grand Illusion

I really want to finish the top of Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt, The Grand Illusion, before this year's mystery starts, which is in about three weeks, so I'd better get hopping.

I decided to delete the checkerboard green sashing.  Those blocks are so busy, I think the checkerboard sashing was just too much for me.  I decided to just use solid black sashing between the blocks.  I had enough units to assemble 22 blocks.  I got 11 put together over the weekend, which I thought was pretty good for me.

Saturday I looked EVERYWHERE for the directions!  And where was the rest of the aqua fabric?  Did I use it all??  Ugh!!  My sewing room is fairly organized (I thought) and I couldn't find it any where!!  I printed a copy of the basic block, scrounged my stash for aqua, and made a couple of blocks.

Skye, our six month old Weimaraner puppy, rolled her ball under the table, and while I was crawling around to get it came across a large project bag--Grand Illusion!  I was so good I put all the extra parts, fabrics, and instructions together in a large bag and completely forgot about where I had put it.
Woohoo!! I am in business!! I even had backing fabric in that bag.  I had left the piles of units on the corner of my cutting table, and put the rest of the project in a bag.  Whew!  So Sunday while the Saints were playing, I was sewing.  I have half of the blocks assembled:
It is still pretty busy, and I think I chose to flip the black and pink diamond units, but it is going together.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Knitting Report

Clicking along on my Socks on a Plane.  I finished the first sock, and am almost finished with the ribbing on the second.  The pattern is written toe up, and I knit cuff down, so I need to count to determine where to start the cable so the left sock will be a mirror image of the right sock.

I almost had a knitting tragedy--Skye, our new Weimaraner puppy (rescue pup, 6 months old and a little on the wild side) jumped onto my sock and pulled some stitches off the needles.  Thankfully I was able to get everything back together.  Whew!

I was Webs had this yarn on closeout--Cascade Heritage Prints in this and another colorway.  I liek the yarn, so I ordered another skein.

What's on your needles?

Monday, November 2, 2015

All Saints Day Banner Finished!

Yes!!  It is finished and it hung on All Saints Day!  I did re-do the casing yesterday afternoon.  Once it was hung I saw that it needed to be sewn a different way.

This banner was dedicated to Rev Walter and Nancy McCrillis, who were wonderful pastor and wife at our church when we first moved here, about 20 years ago.  They have recently passed, and the ladies' group, the Mary Martha Society, wanted to honor their memory with the banner.

I am really happy with it.  It actually turned out like I had envisioned--not all my projects translate well from idea to cloth.  Everyone seemed to like it too.  ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tuesday was Knitting Trainwreck Day!

Tuesday was really knitting trainwreck day.  I realized that I had dropped a stitch on my Socks on a Plane sock.  :(  It was about 6 rows down, and it is a real challenge for me to tink a cable.  Arrggghh!!

So, I picked up my Boxy sweater. I have separated for the arms, and the edges don't look right.  Back to the basket.

So, the cherry on the top of my knitting day was when I realized our new puppy, Skye, had taken a new skein of Madelinetosh off the shelf and proceeded to destroy it.
It was the last skein in that color at The Loopy Ewe.  :(  It was to finish a Christmas present. :(

So yesterday at knitting group I pulled on my big girl panties and actually fixed the drop stitch on the sock.  ;)

When I got home from work, I rewound the skein of MadTosh and there were only a couple of minor bite marks, and it is a full skein minus a foot or two:
Thank goodness!

Boxy is still in the basket, but I think I am just having the next step jitters, and I will keep knitting and see what happens.

So that is my knitting report for the week.  Knit on!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Church Banner Progress

Woohoo!!  I made real progress this weekend.  Sometimes I have so much trouble taking a step--I am afraid I will make a mistake, so I am frozen to begin.  Well, I finally jumped that hurdle!  Progress!!
I decided to add the cross and then start quilting.  I had thought I should quilt and then add the cross, but couldn't get my reference lines in correctly.  I thought I would be more complicated to quilt around the cross.  But, I really didn't have a clear idea of where my quilting lines should be without having the cross ironed in place.  I will have a lot of thread ends to weave, but that is ok.  So far I am really happy with it.  I think I will be able to meet the deadline in two weeks.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dreaded Yarn Barf!

So I started a new pair of socks.....I couldn't find the end of the skein, so I pulled from the middle.  Yarn barf!!  I hope once I clear the barf the rest of the skein will pull smoothly.

Two days later and I have knit through the barf.  I did have a little "after barf" last night, but I'm hoping there are no more hairballs in my skein.
I am really enjoying this pattern so far!  Love the yarn too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Church Banner

I was asked to make a banner for All Saints Day.  So far, I have pieced the background in 2.5" white or white print squares.  It will be about 36" by 64".  The spot where it will hang in the church is right in front of the organist, and she wanted it to be long enough to cover her up.  ;)
It looks more like a shower curtain in this picture.