Friday, September 4, 2015

Finish on Friday

Insouciant is finished!  I did finish in time for the Camp Loopy 3 deadline.  Whew!  I got a quick lesson on the mattress stitch (Thank you, Eve!--it makes sense now).  I picked up the stitches and knit the neck on Monday.  Three times!!!  The first time I had two noticeable holes in the front where I picked up stitches.  The second time I picked up tooo many stitches and had a lettuce-like wavy neckline.  The third time was the charm.  I am really excited about it and need to start planning another one.

Now I can pick up my Boxy and start knitting on it again.  I forgot how much I like the feel of the fabric.  Still have 6" to knit before I start the sleeves on it.

Remind me next year NOT to start Camp Loopy.  It is a lot of fun, and the chatter does encourage me to get things knitted, but I have neglected so many things this summer that I wanted to sew and knit.

This week at work we had a two day training session.  The trainer brought lots of multi-colored pipe cleaners so people could fidget while she was talking, instead of sleeping or looking at their phones.  So I knitted baby hats!  Finished a hat each day and paid attention the entire time.  If it had been a longer class I would have started Christmas knitting!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sleeveless Friday

Ugh!  My Insouciant is still sleeveless!  I am almost finished with the first sleeve:
This sweater needs to be finished and the picture uploaded by bedtime on Monday for Camp Loopy.  I am so close, and have had NO knitting time.  Having to work last weekend and helping my son and his wife move has really put me behind.

This weekend I also need to make three batches of jelly--muscadines need to be cooked.  I am determined to get this last project finished on time, so the plan is finish first sleeve tonight, second sleeve tomorrow, soak and block tomorrow, seam Sunday.  There is a young woman at church who is a knitting whiz--I want to get her to show me the proper way to mattress stitch this sweater together.

Wish me luck!

Friday, August 21, 2015

What's on the Needles?

I have been in knitting stealth mode....I have been knitting a row or two while my sweet boyfriend drives back and forth to work.  Look what I finished---
Another baby hat!  I know it is not much, but I have three more I need to knit this fall.  Will cast on a baby boy hat tomorrow.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish in tiny bits of time here and there.  Baby hat knitting is pretty fast and mindless, too, which helps.

Still clicking away on Insouciant.  I think I am about half way finished with the front. Feeling the pressure--supposed to be finished by August 31 for Camp Loopy!
What's on your needles?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mama's Garden Progress

I took a class with Pat Sloan last month--Mama's Garden.  I really enjoyed the class.  Pat is a great teacher and really piqued my interest in quilting again.  I didn't know how much I needed an enthusiasm booster until then.

So now I have the background finished, and am working through the applique design.  I am trying to finish the top so I don't have applique pieces falling on the floor every time I move something.

The flower is just pinned up there to help me with placement.  Maybe by working on it a few minutes a day I can get it together this week???  Will let you know how that goes.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Knitting Report

I finished the back of Insouciant and started the ribbed bottom of the front last night.  I am really enjoying this project.  It is my Camp Loopy project 3--hope I can finish by the end of the month.

What are you knitting?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Shop Hop Saturday!

My boyfriend's sail for work was delayed, so we went to New Orleans for a little quilt shop hopping.  This was the first weekend of the Louisiana Quilt Shop Hop.  We only went to four quilt shops, but it was a lot of fun.  Bright Hopes in Mandeville, The Quilted Owl in Metairie, Mes Amis in NOLA, and All Stitched Up in Slidell.  Each shop also had the Row by Row kits and license plates.  Score!  The shops also had a discount for shop hoppers, and each shop had a nice thank you gift.  \

We also stopped for lunch and had a yummy muffletta, did a little gourmet olive oil and cheese shopping, and visited BF's college buddy.  We also had to grocery shop on the way home--we were wiped out by the time we got home and put away groceries it was 9 pm.  Whew!

Here is a shot of my quilty haul:
I would love to go back next weekend and hit some more shops, but I don't think we could handle another weekend on the road. ;)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Friday Knitting Round Up

What a busy week!  Last weekend drove to Shreveport with my bestie running buddies for a sprint triathlon.  Seven hour drive one way, so I got a good start on my Camp Loopy 3 Project, Insouciant.  I am almost halfway finished with the back.
I did finish the Rose City Roller socks.  I was worried the cuff was too short, but Wednesday was cool(ish) and rainy, so I wore them with my jeans and clogs to work and loved them.  They are shorter than my usual socks, but the heels stayed up well.
I also finished a cute baby hat knit in My First Regia.  The pattern is "Simple Baby Hat" by Blue Sky Alpacas.  I also have a yellow hat in my gift stash in the picture:
I knitted the pink one a little larger, so little Miss Melody can wear it in the fall. Wonder if I can get booties knit in time for the shower?