Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stock up sale

The Stitch Niche is going out of business----boo!!!  They did have a fabulous sale though.  Thought I would stock up a little.  The yellow is Jeanne for a baby blanket, two skeins of chunky for men's hats, and six differnt sock yarns:  Jitterbug (2), Maisy (2) Indulgence, Opal, Regia, and Kaliedoscope.  Sounds like fun!  It was so hard to make a decision--I was in the shop two hours.  I also bought two sets of Knit Picks interchangeables. 

The shop is about an hour drive, but I may have to make another run in  a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, the next closest yarn shop is a two hour drive.  All my knitting friends are in a yarn shopping spin.

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