Friday, January 25, 2013

On The Needles Friday

Happy Friday!  This week I have been working on my Crazy Zauerball sock.  I am almost ready to start the heel.  I set the Turkish Bed Socks aside for a few days.  I have been too tired at night to concentrate on something new.  I just needed some comfort knitting!

Great news--the local yarn shop (an hour drive for me) was supposed to close soon, but has been bought out and is reopening with the same staff.  Yay!!!

I finished (and wore) my honey cowl.  I ran out of yarn with five inches left to cast off, but one of my knitting friends happened to have the same yarn so she let me use some of hers to finish.  Whew!
A friend took a picture of me wearing it, but I looked kinda gooney so you will have to view the static shot.

Check out Judy L's to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. comfort knitting I like that phrase. pretty yarn for the socks and cowl.

  2. Zauerball yarn is so pretty and your sock is coming along so nicely! That cowl has some seriously great colors!

  3. That Zauber ball looks familiar...think there's one hiding around here somewhere. Nice looking socks. Your cowl is very pretty also; that pattern's on my list. It looks very nice.