Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Apron Frenzy!

This is the third apron I have made this month.   The first was a birthday request from my daughter in law.  She showed it off at her birthday party, and my daughter wanted one too.  So did daughter in law's sister.  And one of DIL's friends......... So this apron is for the friend.  I think while I am at it I will go ahead and make one for DIL's sister for Christmas.  The pattern was a free sheet at maybe Joann's Fabrics.  I don't really like the pattern, but I just needed a starting point.  The fabrics are Moda "Spring House" collection.  Bright and funky, just perfect. 

DIL's sister said at the party, "If I date the younger brother, will Miss Susan sew an apron for me too?"  LOL  It is nice to be appreciated.

I think I will add a pocket.  It needs a green pocket.

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