Friday, August 2, 2013

Needles Report Friday

I had one of those weeks where all I wanted to do was knit.  It was calling me at work!  "Susan--Susan--put me in your bag and bring me to the office--no one will know---"  Have you ever had a project like that?

I finished the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief in a week!  Talk about instant gratification!  Here it is on the makeshift blocking board.  This was my first attempt at a triangular shaped scarf.  Just love it!! No pic of it off the blocking board, but I was surprised at how soft it is.

I also cast on another scarf, Churchmouse Yarn and Teas Simple Sideways Triangle Scarf:  Well now it is over 2x the size in the picture.  ;)
Both were knit in Cherry Tree Hill DK.  I bought two skeins last year--I wanted fingering weight and didn't know that  "DK" was heavier.  Sigh.  I am learning.  And I am excited that I got to use something from my stash.

And the sweater report---I finally drove over to my LYS, The French Knot,which is over an hour away.  Totally worth the trip!  Leona sat down with me and showed me a couple of tricks for my sleeves that made a huge difference!  I sat and knitted with them for an hour before the shop closed.  The woman next to me was making another pattern by the same designer, and I want to make that sweater too!

I need to use the two triangle scarves as gifts, but I really want to keep them!  This weekend is a girls trip to Shreveport for a great sprint triathlon.  Hoping to get some power knitting done!


  1. Isn't it great when we see something another person is knitting and we must have it for ourselves??? That is why my copy of this scarf is printing right now. LOL
    Your's is gorgeous!
    Hope you get oodles knit this weekend. Hae fun.

  2. It turned out lovely. I love the one I made of that pattern and am thinking I may need to make a larger version of it.

  3. Nice work! It sounds like you are hooked! Your yarn shop was certainly worth the trip....could be dangerous to your stash!

  4. Love your scarf! I had to run over to Ravelry and download the pattern :*) Judy D and think just alike!!!

  5. I saw this in a yarn shop so had to get some yarn then went home and doawnloaded the pattern...I'm having a hard time getting my head around where you start knitting. Does it knit from the point up or from the neckline out. I'm a very visual person and like illustrations yours is beautiful.