Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Needles Report

I finished my socks!  Woohoo!!  On the Florida trip, since I didn't drive, I had about 6 hours of knitting time in the car.  The pattern is Wise Hilda's Basic Sock, yarn is Knit Picks Thirst Heather.

Now to decide what to start next!!  I pulled out four different projects I want to start NOW.

I had a couple of those days where I was craving a new project and did not have the correct needles for ANY of them!  So I cast on my Sycamore Vest and realized I didn't understand the chart.  ;(

So I cast on Maine Morning Mitts using Ella Rae Classic Sand Art yarn from Tuesday Morning.  I usually don't knit with dpns, but they were the only needles I had in that size.  So, I am doing ok even though I feel like I have "sticks" everywhere.  These go really fast!  I am ready to cast on more stitches for the thumb.  I think I will unravel the turquoise and start mitt #2 in purple so maybe they will match.
Whoops!  I just read the ball band that says the color repeat is randomized to make a "unique fabric".  Oh well.  Still a fun knit.


  1. The socks are great--it's always so great to finish!
    Those mitts are going to be so much fun. Love the colors.

  2. Yay!! for your finished socks! And your yarn for the mittens is wonderful! I have picked up a few skeins at Tuesday morning, too, but none in that colorway. Lovely!

  3. beautiful projects. I like things symmetrical too I did that with my red and pink reading mitts.

  4. I love that yarn you are using for your mittens. After I finish a pair of socks, I'm going to try mittens.!

  5. Love those heather socks. It will be fun to see what the second mitt looks like with that pretty yarn.