Friday, August 29, 2014

A Finish for Friday!

Done!  My Easy Fold Poncho in Mad Tosh DK "Steam Trunk" is finished!  I still have some ends to weave in, but it is done. This was my Camp Loopy #3 project.  I actually finished all three Camp Loopy knitting projects, but only the first sewing project.  Just a little too ambitious!
I need to watch the Mattress Stitch video and re-stitch the side, but that will take about 5 minutes.  My stitching looks puckery.

I also started working on a Christmas present for my SIL.  It is the Irish Hiking Scarf in Cascade 220 Aran.  I am enjoying the cables so far.
I am so excited---Labor Day Weekend!!!  Woohoo!!  We get off a couple of hours early today so I can get some errands run.  Ready for a three day weekend!!


  1. great poncho Well done!! love the cables and the color lucky sil

  2. Your poncho looks great! That is on my list of things to make. Love your scarf with the beautiful cables. That sure will be warm.

  3. NIce work! I just finished my project also.