Thursday, August 7, 2014

Finally Friday!

Wow!  I have been gone so much lately!  I did get quite a lot of knitting accomplished.
I finished my Surrounding Tank and wore it to work Monday.  I really like it!!  This was my Camp Loopy #2 project and I actually finished on time-barely!

I also finished my Flatrock Socks and am about halfway finished with my Easy Folded Poncho.  See if I can get the pics to post:  Sometimes blogger will not let me post multiple pics.

Easy Folded Poncho in Tosh DK Steam Age

Aha!  Maybe I have cracked the mysterious blogger code!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Your tank looks great! I really like your poncho, too. Is the poncho a ravelry pattern? Love your socks, too! Nice finishes.

  2. That tank is especially awesome.

  3. Wow. You accomplish a lot!! Love your camp loopy project. I am not as ambitious. What are you doing for Project 3?

  4. Hi Sue, I love your tank top. Great color on you too. Your Flatrock socks DO rock.