Thursday, February 26, 2015

On the Road Needles Report

WooHoo!!!!  Girls road trip!  Going to Seaside, FL for the weekend with my best running buddies for the Seaside Half Marathon.  We always have a blast!  Rent a cabin, do some great shopping in Destin, run a half marathon and head on home.  Always a good time, and I'm not driving, so I get to knit!!

I decided to use a different mitt pattern for the Madelinetosh.  I like this one much better.  I did make a mistake in the pattern interpretation on the first mitt, and knit too many cable repeats.  The glove was too long, so I was going to just frog a few rows, reload the stitches on my needles and finish.  Well, never do this while the plumber is working at your house!!  I was so mad at them (long story, but they broke more than they fixed).  I couldn't figure out why it was so difficult to frog--just kept picking out stitches one at a time.  Then realized--OMG!!!  I started ripping out the cast on edge, not the cast OFF edge!!!!  Total frog.  I was so ticked.  But the good thing was that it didn't take long to reknit.  I had it figured out.  I actually reknit the pair in less than a week, mostly in the evenings. Finished mitt #2 at knitting last night.  Was cold enough to wear them on the drive to work today.
Excuse the breakfast shot--I was running late this morning.  ;)

Can't wait to start on Boxy using Wollmeise Pure in Mas Jung (I think that is the color--it is gray).


  1. Have fun in Florida! Soak up some sunshine and warm weather. Hopefully you won't need your gorgeous mitts while you are there. Love the color!

  2. I hope to make mitts for myself one day. Yours are great!

  3. Have a great trip! And a good run. Love your mitts, too.

  4. Love your mitts! That color is so lovely.

  5. Have fun at your run in Florida. I would have been terribly upset to have to frog a whole mitt. They are lovely and one day I will make myself try these.