Thursday, August 6, 2015

Friday Knitting Round Up

What a busy week!  Last weekend drove to Shreveport with my bestie running buddies for a sprint triathlon.  Seven hour drive one way, so I got a good start on my Camp Loopy 3 Project, Insouciant.  I am almost halfway finished with the back.
I did finish the Rose City Roller socks.  I was worried the cuff was too short, but Wednesday was cool(ish) and rainy, so I wore them with my jeans and clogs to work and loved them.  They are shorter than my usual socks, but the heels stayed up well.
I also finished a cute baby hat knit in My First Regia.  The pattern is "Simple Baby Hat" by Blue Sky Alpacas.  I also have a yellow hat in my gift stash in the picture:
I knitted the pink one a little larger, so little Miss Melody can wear it in the fall. Wonder if I can get booties knit in time for the shower?


  1. Great finishes! Knitting in the car is about the only thing I can do. Thankfully I can knit to help the trip pass more quickly.

  2. Fun projects. I love that knitting is so portable, don't you?

  3. All your projects are very inspirational. Love those Rose City Roller socks. That is what I'm going to try next. Cute hats,.