Friday, August 28, 2015

Sleeveless Friday

Ugh!  My Insouciant is still sleeveless!  I am almost finished with the first sleeve:
This sweater needs to be finished and the picture uploaded by bedtime on Monday for Camp Loopy.  I am so close, and have had NO knitting time.  Having to work last weekend and helping my son and his wife move has really put me behind.

This weekend I also need to make three batches of jelly--muscadines need to be cooked.  I am determined to get this last project finished on time, so the plan is finish first sleeve tonight, second sleeve tomorrow, soak and block tomorrow, seam Sunday.  There is a young woman at church who is a knitting whiz--I want to get her to show me the proper way to mattress stitch this sweater together.

Wish me luck!