Friday, July 1, 2016

Lots and Lots of Stockinette Friday

Still knitting away on the Simple Tee.  I have about 50 rows left on the front before I start armholes.  I'm going on a short road trip with my quilty friends tomorrow, so I will get some mindless car knitting in.  I offered to drive, but my friend knows I like to knit so she offered to drive.  She is a sweetie.

Check out Judy's Patchwork Times to see what everyone else is working on.

Whoa!  I see Judy has posted some knitting goals.  So here is my list:

Simple Tee--finish this first

Business Casual Socks for my sweet boyfriend.  I started these and found that I should not work on anything else but this pattern.  I kept messing up and decided to frog.  I need to knit these straight through and not work on anything else so I don't forget what I am doing.

Hat for BF's sister.  Her birthday is in August.  She gets a hat for birthday, scarf for Christmas.  Already have some pretty Malabrigo for it.  I want to knit the hat first and use the rest of the the yarn and another skein for the scarf.

Baby stuff--my daughter's friends are all having babies!!  I need to knit up some gifty stuff.

Other than the scarf, I don't think I am doing much Christmas knitting this year.  It makes me crazy.


  1. That's quite a list. I can't seem to knit in the car: I think I am a back seat driver at heart or would rather be driving. :-)

  2. Good luck on getting it finished while you are riding in the car. Pretty color.