Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Bed Monday

Well, it wouldn't fit on my design wall, so I spread my Row by Row quilt on the guest bed.

I am so close to assembly!  I decided to outline stitch all the iron on appliques.  That is a lot of shapes and a lot of thread color changes.  I think all I need to do is black, gray, and red. I also want to incorporate the license plates on the front.

I had a great thought during spin class on how to put it together.  Isn't it funny how ideas just pop into your head?  Just don't tell my instructor--she thought I was hard at work. Lol. I want to arrange it so that it is not so long and skinny.


  1. Row by Rows are long and skinny. I think it is because they are made to be wall-hangings. Maybe you could stagger them with the license plates in the stagger piece.

  2. I'm sure you were hard at work at the spin class!
    It looks like you have some wonderful rows in your quilt. I look forward to seeing how you lay it out in the end.