Friday, September 9, 2016

Car Knitting Friday

It is weird to have only one knitting project in the works.  But wow am I making progress.  I had frogged the Business Casual socks I was knitting for my boyfriend during the summer.  I made a mistake and really knitted myself into a hairball while trying to fix it.  Sigh.

So, I started over.  I am really making it a habit to stop and check the instructions continually as I knit so I don't mess up again.  I meant to add a life line after the first 18 row section.  I WILL remember to do that when I finish the second 18 rows. I've been taking it to work too--I knit while BF drives.  I get an extra couple of rows a day that way (we are only 5 minutes from the office), but hey, progress is progress.


  1. good for you making use of every minute of the day! you must have really good eyes to knit that dark yarn in the car, between sunglasses and changing shadows in the car I can not knit a dark yarn in the car. but then I have a big 0 b day coming up.
    have a great weekend

  2. I admire your taking advantage of every possible downtime to knit a few rows. That's the way I have to squeeze in my knitting with other activities that take up my time too. I hope he appreciates them when they are finished.