Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Colors Friday

I've been on work travel the past couple of weeks.  I am enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  One good thing about travel is I have a lot of concentrated knitting time!  I've made great progress on my boyfriend's Business Casual socks.  Sock one is done! I'm clicking away on sock two.

I am enjoying this pattern, but I have learned that A: I cannot work on another project because I really need to concentrate on this and B: USE A LIFELINE!!! Once I started adding a lifeline after every 18 row pattern repeat life is much smoother.  And since I have started using the lifelines, I haven't needed them.  I started over 4 times with the first sock.

If you are ever in Gloucester, MA, I highly recommend Coveted Yarns.  Great shop, and the kind woman helped me pick up a dropped stitch because I was freaking out and couldn't make it work.

What's on your needles?


  1. The life line when working a long pattern what a great idea
    the socks look great

  2. I've never used a lifeline, but sure wish I had! Something to remember. Great socks!

  3. I wish I had used a lifeline on my current pair of socks. I'm using the Magic Loop for the first time and was doing ok, but by the second sock -- my memory went haywire. I'm all messed up. Sure hate to rip back to the beginning, but I don't live close to MA to ask your nice shop to "fix" it for me. lol You can bet for future new techniques, I'm using a lifeline.