Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Needles Report

I'm trying to limit myself to two projects right now:
This is a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's sister.  The pattern is Irish Hiking Scarf, I can't remember the hat pattern name but it is the same style.  Both are Malagbrigo Mechita.  It is a DK weight yarn, and I wish I had used a worsted weight yarn but oh well.  I will make the scarf long enough so it can be wrapped double. I have another skein to use if needed.

And of course, I have some socks on the needles.  This is Dragonfly, in Cascade Heritage Wave.
The white strings are lifelines so I don't mess up and have to take the whole thing out.  ;)
I thought this would be a repeating color, but maybe it just goes from purple to black? I will need to order another skein, because I don't want one purple sock and one black sock.  I know people like mismatched socks, but it is really not my thing.  Has anyone used this yarn?


  1. great cable on the scarf and hat love the purple socks
    have a great weekend