Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day Needles Report

Thank you veterans for your service!  I served 23 years in the Army Reserves.

Got sidetracked by a quick project....mittens!  I've been wanting to knit mittens for years. I'm going on a weekend trip to New York City with my running friends soon, so mittens are just what I need.  These go really fast.  I used the Classic Mitten pattern (Ravelry) with Flat Rock Worsted in "Just Keep Swimming".  This pattern has multiple sizes listed.  I highlighted my size directions on the paper.

Flat Rock Dye Co is in Gloucester, MA and sells their yarns at Coveted Yarns in Gloucester.  I bought it on a recent work trip there.

I've finished the first mitten and am working on the second.  I will knit the thumb at the end.
What's on your needles??