Friday, January 20, 2017

Skyp Socks Progress

I'm clicking along on the Simple Skyp socks.  I think I have about 2" on the foot and I am ready to begin the toe.

Hitofude is not happening.  I knitted a swatch and it was all over the place.  I would end up with the wrong number of stitches at the end of the row.  I think I was doing my yarn overs after purl stitches incorrectly.  I watched a video, and will try it again.  I decided if I couldn't get the pattern right on the swatch I wasn't ready to attempt the sweater.  Yet.

What's on your needles??


  1. Your sock is looking good. Are you following a specific pattern for them? You are smart to wait until the swatch is right on your other project before starting it.