Friday, February 24, 2017

Just knit while you wait!

I hate to wait!  I'm waiting on a delivery for work, it is being delivered to another building up the street.  It is on the truck, but they can't tell me when it is arriving....So, what's a girl to do???
Thank goodness I keep something to knit in the car.  I've knit several inches just waiting.  I was feeling pretty good about it and figured I needed to knit one more row before the decreases----and I dropped a stitch!!!  ;(  I don't have the tool I want to pick it up either.  So I will go to lunch and hopefully the delivery will come and the guy at the main office can get it.

What's on your needles???


  1. I hate wasting time waiting too
    have a good weekend

  2. Oh I hate to drop stitches. I'm not very good at picking them up either. I do the same thing about taking along a simple knitting project when I think I may be waiting -- even at a restaurant.