Sunday, April 30, 2017

Washi dress on the design wall

This is the Washi dress.  I bought the pattern and fabric four years ago in Indianapolis.  I decided to sew it up and either wear it or take it apart and use the fabric (100% cotton).  I just need the cap sleeves and bias tape facing, and hem.

The pattern calls for elastic thread shirring in the back bodice.  I tried it twice, it was a mess and I ripped it out.  If the dress needs it, I can add a thin elastic at the back waist.  I haven't tried it on yet.  I hope it doesn't look goony.

But---it will be a UFO no more!!


  1. Cute pattern! And the fabric is beautiful.

  2. Sewing for yourself can be discouraging that's for sure. Don't give up on this dress though. If it doesn't work one way - try something different. Perhaps gathers or elastic in a casing might work.

  3. FYI - Since Judy Laquidara is no longer doing "Design Wall Mondays", I talked to her and got permission to continue Design Wall Mondays at my blog:

    I hope to see your posts on future Mondays, Judy Hansen