Saturday, July 22, 2017

Design Wall Monday

It has been crazy town here.  I barely have time to catch my breath. I have been trying to sneak a little sewing into my crazy days. Here's a recap of what I have been working on.

It is small, but I wanted to make a little sign for my office door instead of using a beat up sticky note every time I had a conference call.  The dial still needs buttons, so maybe that will happen one day.  The pattern is from Pat Sloan.

I finished the Flag Patch wallhanging.
And I spent a few hours working on paper pieced New York Beauty blocks.  Mindless sewing. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon.
My quilt guild taught this paper pieced pineapple block.  I will have to do a whole quilt using this method one day...

Check back with to see what else is going on.


  1. Very pretty projects! I like your little telephone sign. It's perfect :)


  2. I like your telephone sign too, much better than a yellow sticky note! I love your flag too, glad to see it finished.