Friday, January 4, 2013

On the Needles Friday

Two new projects for the new year.  On the left is a simple sock knit with Crazy Zauerball--yummy! 

On the right is a new pattern, "Turkish Bed Socks" by Churchmouse knit with Schoppell (is that right?)  These are knit differently, first the band around the heel, then the heel flap, turn the heel and pick up gusset stitches and knit across the instep and then the foot.  I think that is it.  I am ready to knit the heel flap.

I decided to start two at once because I didn't know if I could figure out the steps for the bed socks, so I can always knit on the simple socks when I am stumped with the other or just need to knit and not pay attention. 

I finished my Christmas knitting on Christmas Eve and lost a needle!  Somewhere between my chair in the living room and my sewing room I lost a sock needle.  Tore the house apart.  No needle.  Moved all the furniture, took cushions out of the chair and sofa.  No needle.  Tore sewing room apart.  No needle.  So Saturday I called the LYS and asked them to mail me another needle.  They were about to close, and I couldn't drive all the way over there in time.  Needle came on Wednesday, just in time for knit night with the gals.  I went to the sewing room, opened the box of knitting needles and there it was----it had been in the box the entire time.  It was against the side of the box and I just didn't see it.  Good grief!

So check out Judy L's and see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Dont ya just hate it when those needles play hide and seek. Good news is now you have an extra one...for next time.

  2. Only fitting that sock needles would go missing, just like socks like to do in the laundry!

  3. Well - at least you DID find the missing knitting needles. It would be awful if it was somewhere in the cushions and someone sat on it! Very nice yarn shop you have though! Cheers! Evelyn