Friday, August 23, 2013

Yarn Emergency Friday

Last weekend we were at Gulf Shores for some family time and it rained all weekend.  Poured buckets!  But I did have some great knitting time.  Last night it happened---I ran out of yarn!!!  I have about an inch left of the neck ribbing and bind off and I ran out of yarn!!!  I was able to locate the last skein of MadTosh DK in Bloomsbury on the planet and should have it by next week.....

So I started on the Little Black Shrug in Ella Rae Silkience.  I think I miscounted, so it may be time to frog and start over. 

Check out Judy L's Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is doing!


  1. Thank goodness you found another skein! The sweater is gorgeous.

    Nothing better than knitting through a rain storm.

  2. Oh no - that's a nightmare! So glad you were able to find some more. It would have been a shame to not finish that project!

  3. knitting in the rain what could be better other than having enough yarn. That sounds like a lesson is using yarn as you buy it rather than hoarding it for a while.