Friday, September 13, 2013

On The Needles Friday

I had to put the Little Black Shrug on the UFO is really a simple pattern but I was still having such a frustrating time knitting that black yarn--even with lifelines.  Yes, two lifelines and I would still miscount every few rows.  I decided to put it down before I threw it across the room.

So I started a sock.  Sock knitting is so calming to me.  This is Hermione's Everyday Sock (first time to knit that pattern--really like it) in Rhichard Devrize Summer Savannah. 


  1. I understand about working with black anything -- fabric, yarn, bindings, thread --- my old eyes just has a devil of a time seeing it easily. You need lots and lots of bright lights. I like your sock yarn color.

  2. I send lots of stuff to time out, sometimes permanently!