Monday, September 16, 2013

Paper Piecing Away!

I pulled out the Summer Heat blocks and worked on those yesterday.  I'm on the last section--need to paper piece 56 units and then I can put the blocks together.  If I have the pieces cut and ready I can trim and pin a few sections at a time....

I splurged and got a new cutting mat and ruler at Joann's Grand Opening in Mobile this weekend.  Figured it would never get any better than 60% off.  Wow!!!  It's like having a new box of crayons!!  I hope the "new cutting mat" smell dissipates soon though.


  1. Your block is beautiful!
    I soaked my smelly mat in the tub with vinegar and soda, helped a little.

  2. Beautiful block! I love the complexity.

  3. Love your PP block. I am just getting ready to start a new PP project. And, where is the Joann's in Mobile?

    1. The new Joann's is on Airport road where Micheal's used to be, next to Ross, in the shopping center behind the Olive Garden. Academy Sports is in that area too. Sorry, I don't live in Mobile and don't remember the name of the cross street. New store is just a few blocks down the road from the old location. I think the new store is not only larger and brighter, but has a better selection and higher quality fabrics. Some of the quilting cottons were $12.99 a yard, but stuff is on sale frequently and I always use a coupon.