Monday, December 30, 2013

Honey! I'm Home!!

I was in Texas visiting my family between Christmas and New Year's.  Just got home an hour ago.  Ten hour drive home.  I am beat.  It wasn't bad, just a long drive.  The traffic coming off the Mississippi River Bridge at Baton Rouge was backed up (as usual) and I heard the same Carrie Underwood song SIX times today, but otherwise the trip was ok.  Happy to be home.  The dogs are happy I am home, too.

I unwrapped a fabulous Box of Fun from the Loopy Ewe.  Now they carry fabric!!  I ordered this Riley Blake short stack and coordinating gray for a challenge.  Yeah, I know, all I need is something else to do!  I will have to figure out what I want to make with it.  AND finish before January 31st......

I did get a lot done over the trip.  I bound two quilts so they will be ready for the May quilt show, finished knitting Dad's hat and the Last Minute Cowl for me.  Also finished the first Christmas sock and started the next one. 

Tomorrow afternoon and New Year's Day are big cleaning days --  need to clean the house and take down all the holiday decorations.  Once I get the house under control I can get back to the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt.  I don't want to get behind--too hard to catch up.

My son stayed in Texas for a few more days of deer hunting, so I need to get him home over the weekend.  I think in the long run it is more cost effective to fly him home instead of driving back to get him.  Will check on that tomorrow.

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