Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice--A Little More Planning---

Maybe I am back to the drawing board--literally!  I had planned to make the small quilt, but after the reveal decided I would like to make a queen sized quilt and use it on my bed.  I need to determine how many additional blocks to make before I start the big assembly. 

Hoping to sort that out this week so I can power sew this weekend.  I have meetings FOUR nights in a row this week!  Yeah, it's all good, but every night???? 

Saturday I was in New Orleans and went to the Quilted Owl.  What a great shop!!!  It has a lot of reproduction fabrics and wools.  Great staff (they even invited me to lunch--they made soup at the shop and it was yummy).  I picked up a neat bundle, some wool and more greens for my Celtic Solstice (I was OUT). 

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  1. Love the colors of your Celtic Solstice. The shop in New Orleans sounds like fun! It is hard for me to find wool as my local shops don't sell it. Have fun with your new purchases!