Monday, January 27, 2014

More Celtic Solstice

And more and more and more!  Since I decided to increase the size of my Celtic Solstice to queen, I am having to make 24 more of each of the two block designs.  The star blocks are done, so now it is back to the chevrons.  All the pieces are cut,  just trying to power sew through.  I have sewn 200 white and green units.  Need to trim, press, and add the yellow.  I am determined to finish and avoid the UFO pile!


  1. I like the greens you chose. I haven't started my Celtic Solstice yet, I am still gathering fabrics. I have them all together except the greens. I would like to use colors similar to yours instead of the clear greens Bonnie suggested. Are you using her palette for the other colors?

  2. I am not quite using her palette.I swapped pink for orange and my colors are not the bright primary ones she used.