Friday, April 18, 2014

Back in the Swing Friday

Seems like ages since I have posted.  A lot of travel--a couple of weeks ago I ran the Zydeco Marathon in Lafayette, LA -- what a great race!  I had a blast.  Then I was on work travel and I do hate it when I have to travel on the weekends for work. 

While I was on travel I worked on a summer weight shawl using La La's Simple Shawl pattern in some yummy hand dyed merino bamboo fingering weight yarn I bought in Hawaii.  I knitted about a third of the shawl during the trip. 

Last Sunday I got a foster dog, a 100 lb Weimaraner named Buddy.  Tuesday Buddy broke out of his crate and ate my shawl.  :( 

So now I am working on this: 
A pair of socks using Flat Rock Toe to Toe yarn, which is hand dyed in Gloucester, MA.  Buddy got a hold of that skein too, but I was able to rescue it before he destroyed it.  It was a challenge to wind but I don't think he damaged the fibers.  It is more of a sport weight, so I adjusted my basic sock formula and needle size.  I hope they fit someone.  Yes, I knit a swatch, but that does not always translate into success for me.  I needed a mindless relaxing knit, at least till Buddy settles in.
Photo: Say "Hey" to Buddy, my foster weim!   Buddy is 100 lbs of goofy Weimaraner.   So far he knows how to drool excessively, counter surf, escape from his crate, and shred the latest knitting projects.  

Really---he is a lovable goofy guy in search of his fur-ever home.  We are working on house manners , basic obedience and he is skin and bones, so he needs to put on at least 10 lbs


  1. I'm so sorry about your shawl! I guess Buddy needed some extra fiber. :( Love your sock yarn.

  2. Dear Buddy, no eating yarn! It will give you a tummy ache and make your mom unhappy--you don't want that.
    Buddy is beautiful......good luck with him.
    The new sock yarn is very pretty.

  3. so sad about the shawl and yarn. He looks like the kind of dog that needs to run 3 or 4 miles every morning. best wishes

  4. Sorry Buddy destroyed your shawl but he's still learning the ropes at a knitter's house. He's beautiful. I love the yarn you are using now. Good luck training Buddy to avoid your yarns, but I guess he loves them too, just like us.

  5. Wow! that's kinda tough. Good luck with Buddy and your future projects and his future home.

  6. Wow! Our son and his wife have two of these dogs - such wonderful dogs! But they are huge and I can totally see one of them devouring a shawl pretty quickly :) Sorry Buddy ate yours - hopefully you can start on another one soon.