Friday, April 25, 2014

Return of the Little Black Shrug

I decided to pull this out of hibernation.  It is the Little Black Shrug pattern that was in last spring's Love of Knitting magazine.  I really want to wear this.  Last year I had so much trouble with it I put it on the shelf.

I removed it from hibernation on Wednesday, and now see where I misread the pattern.  NO wonder I had so much trouble!  I started knitting the pattern correctly--you can see where it changes.  I was thinking of leaving the bottom as a "design element", but I missed a yo and am tinking the current row.  I hate tinking when there are alot of k2tog and yo stitches!!  Maybe I should just start over?

What do you think?  It would probably look neater.  I think I'm going to tink the thing.  I have about 7" of the back done.  Sad thing is I actually like the wrong version better, I am not really sure how I did it.

I think in the long run I may be happier with it if I just do it right.  Besides, it will save me from tinking 100 stitches of yo and k2tog in black silk blend.  Sigh.


  1. I think just from reading what you wrote, if you don't start over, you will regret it.
    It is going to be gorgeous!

  2. When you ask the question you usually already know the answer.....

  3. I just frogged it and cast on again. SO glad I did!!! I re-read the sizing and I was making a medium, but realized the bust measurement was 4" larger than me. Who comes up with the sizes for these things? I really don't consider myself a small person. Any how, yes, I knew the answer. ;)

  4. It will be beautiful and you will be so much happier with it.

  5. It always bugs me to know I have made an obvious mistake, but I do know it's hard to rip out....especially black! Good luck!