Thursday, May 1, 2014


Ok--so I dropped everything and started working on "Runner Keep My Ears Warm Headband" by Helen Bingham. 
It is not standing very straight--hard to get a good pic while it is still on the needles.  I knit my first cables!!!!  I love them.  I wanted to make this as a Christmas gift for all my running buddies, so I figured I'd better start now.  I knitted over half of it in a couple of hours.  Then the pattern has you do short row (?) shaping over the ears using wrap and turn..... so I am kinda stumped at the next part.  I have completed the W&T round, and now the directions say to knit the stitches by picking up the wrap stitch so there will not be a hole..... not really clicking. 

Before I knitted my beautiful cables into a hairball, I decided to contact the pattern author.  Hopefully she will return my request quickly so I can keep on knitting.

I did frog my Little Black Shrug, and have almost returned to where I left off.  Thank you for being honest.  I do like it much better.  One week of re-knitting will not affect the shrug at all.  I will post a pic next week. 

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  1. You can also find videos about picking up the wrapped stitches- I just googled it and there are some by knitting help website for example.