Friday, October 24, 2014


WooHoo it is Friday!!  This is what is currently on my needles.  I am trying to finish the watermelon socks before I start something else, but so many projects are calling me......
And yes, I have colossally long feet!

This morning I had a short swim workout, so I wanted to trim some blocks in my sewing room.  Jake decided it was time to play and kept dropping his ball in my fabric bins.  Stinker!


  1. love the socks I like to have a couple projects going then I am always working on something or maybe I'm just ADD
    have a great weekend

  2. Love that watermelon yarn! Pets don't like to be ignored, do they? Our cats really get in your face when they want attention.

  3. I love your LONG socks - both the tops and the foot. I think I need taller tops than the foot part! lol

  4. Great watermelon socks! Love the yarn.