Thursday, January 29, 2015

Needles Report

We have mitt #1!!!
I found a you tube video on knitting the fingers which really helped make sense of the directions.  I have one half row on the ring finger that somehow I turned around and ended up with purl stitches, but it is on the palm side and you won't see it.  He tried it on last night and it fits.  Yay!!  The yarn is more blue than the picture represents.  I cast on mitt #2 last night.  It should go much faster than the first one.

This was my first time to knit fingers, and I was a little confused and intimidated about knitting them, but after the video I realized the instructions were fine and it was just me who needed a little nudging.
I really wish I could stay home and knit tonight, but we are going to a retirement party for a coworker.  Maybe I can knit on the way there.  ;)

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  1. I'm impressed if these are the first mittens you've done. The color is just great!