Friday, May 1, 2015

Return of the Little Black Shrug Part 3

Yes, I am still working on this.  Third year's the charm, right?  It is supposed to be an easy pattern, but for the past two summers I have been frustrated with the instructions and put it back into the knitting basket.

So this year I have the latest set of errata and have finished the left front.  Yay me!  I have started working on the right front, so maybe this will actually happen.  Fingers crossed!

Boxy Sweater is up to 10" now.  I need to knit 16" before I start the sleeves I think.

What are you working on??


  1. Those many rows of stockinette can be daunting, I think. Good luck with the shrug! It'd be a very versatile piece.

    1. The shrug is knit in a YO, K2TOG pattern. If I miscount, I have to start over. I have been unsuccessful in tinking this pattern, so I have been using lifelines. I think I will wear it a lot if I ever get finished. So close!!