Friday, May 8, 2015

TGIF Needles Report

Busy knitting week for me.  I was in Nashville for a conference -- woohoo!!  Knitting time!

I am almost finished with the right front for the Little Black Shrug.

I am up to 10" on the Boxy sweater.

And of course I started a new pair of socks:
These will be for my BF.  He has been asking when I would knit a pair for him.  The leg is K4 P2 pattern and I am determined to try the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

What have you been up to lately??


  1. These socks look really warm! I haven't used K4P2 down the leg before, but will have to try it.

  2. socks look great you must have had really good light to work on black at a conference. I knit my dark yarn in the morning when I have sunshine coming in the window