Monday, November 9, 2015

Return to the Grand Illusion

I really want to finish the top of Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt, The Grand Illusion, before this year's mystery starts, which is in about three weeks, so I'd better get hopping.

I decided to delete the checkerboard green sashing.  Those blocks are so busy, I think the checkerboard sashing was just too much for me.  I decided to just use solid black sashing between the blocks.  I had enough units to assemble 22 blocks.  I got 11 put together over the weekend, which I thought was pretty good for me.

Saturday I looked EVERYWHERE for the directions!  And where was the rest of the aqua fabric?  Did I use it all??  Ugh!!  My sewing room is fairly organized (I thought) and I couldn't find it any where!!  I printed a copy of the basic block, scrounged my stash for aqua, and made a couple of blocks.

Skye, our six month old Weimaraner puppy, rolled her ball under the table, and while I was crawling around to get it came across a large project bag--Grand Illusion!  I was so good I put all the extra parts, fabrics, and instructions together in a large bag and completely forgot about where I had put it.
Woohoo!! I am in business!! I even had backing fabric in that bag.  I had left the piles of units on the corner of my cutting table, and put the rest of the project in a bag.  Whew!  So Sunday while the Saints were playing, I was sewing.  I have half of the blocks assembled:
It is still pretty busy, and I think I chose to flip the black and pink diamond units, but it is going together.


  1. I too dismissed the checkerboard blocks on mine. I had made some but not all of them. Instead I used them for a top and bottom border. I just couldn't let them waste.
    Your colors are gorgeous! I am not sure if I dare to another mystery as I wasn't thrilled with the last one. I may watch from a distance.

  2. I ended up using the checkered sashing, but I think you are wise to go with the black sashing. The blocks are busy enough.

  3. I like your version a lot. The colors are so nice together. Good luck accomplishing your goal!