Monday, December 14, 2015

Allietare Part 3

My new cell phone auto corrects "Allietare" to "Alliterate" or something crazy.  Just file that away.  Always check your auto correct.  Who knows what it will say.

I am finished with Part 3.  120 neutral and gold four square units, and 36 rectangles.  I am glad I cut the rectangles first, then the smaller strips.

I am so glad I am finished with Part 3.  Now I have the week to sew before Part 4 is released on Friday.  I need to make an apron for a Christmas gift, and I have two more friendship blocks for quilt guild members who recently moved to make.

Check out Bonnie Hunter's blog for more Allietare pics!


  1. I'm still plugging away at clue 2. Pretty golds!

  2. Your 4-patches look great! I'm still plugging along with mine...

  3. I hear ya, I get the clue done only to move on to other stuff that needs to get done...certainly is motivating!

  4. I had to turn auto-correct off on my phone. It was changing too many things, like bom to bomb. Great contrast between your golds and neutrals.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  5. I hate auto-correct, but I love your 4-Patches!

  6. Fabulous little four patches, so bright and happy...yes I wonder what we will have for Fri?