Friday, December 11, 2015

Honey Cowl Fridays

Why oh why do I think I can just crank out a Christmas gift?  I wanted to knit something for my boy friend's mother.  In September, I knit her a poncho.  He didn't think she'd like that.  I was going to give her a pretty scarf I knitted in the summer.  Not long enough.  I tinked the bound off end to make it longer.  Out of yarn.  Ordered yarn, which the new puppy promptly attempted to eat.I salvaged the yarn.  Ugh.  Tinking cables was awful.  Bagged it.

So how about a Honey cowl?  Easy.  Doomed!  I knit for a week before I realized it was twisted and I was not happy with it.  Frog.  Knit another week and realized I did not have another skein of yarn.  Frog again.

So now I am knitting like crazy, two weeks before Christmas.  Maybe it will just be a New Year's gift?

Check out Judy L's page to see what everyone else is knitting!


  1. Do you know his mom will appreciate a hand made gift? Some people just don't deserve it and if she is one of those, you should keep the cowl and buy her something. Your Honey Cowl is looking beautiful!

  2. Your yarn is beautiful! Hopefully there will be no more problems and she will love it.

  3. It's sure going to be pretty. I've been meaning to try that pattern.