Monday, May 16, 2016

Mending the "Small" burn holes in a quilt...

Quilters should not do mending. Period. But my darling DIL's sister asked me if I could repair a couple of "burn holes" in her quilt, I agreed.

HOLY COW!  They are lucky they did not burn the house down!!!
There are two similar holes, each about 7" in diameter!!  The batting was polyester.  It melted along the edges.  I think the backing fabric was a blend, because it is a little melty too.

I have been looking at this for months and decided it was time to get it done and out of my sewing room.  While I was on my long run Sunday morning, the idea popped into my head on how to construct the patch.

 I used a 7" diameter plate as a template and cut an even circle from the quilt.  This removed the melty parts.  I cut batting (I had to piece my batting.  I only had a few scraps of polyester batting), front and back parts.  I cut the fabric pieces at least 1/4" larger, so I can turn under the seam allowance.

I carefully aligned my repair patch (three layers) in the hole.  My plan is to applique the front and back circles onto the quilt, keeping the batting in the center, then quilting over it to hold it in place.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Bless you for taking the trouble of restoration. It's always a tough call.