Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Friday Weekend!

Wow am I ready for a weekend. We went to Texas to visit my family for a week.  Now I'm just trying to catch up and be ready for Christmas. After work yesterday I did a big clean and feel much better.  A messy house makes me nervous.  I almost had a melt down Wednesday--now that the house is clean I am much happier.

I even had time to knit last night.  I started the second Dragonfly sock.  I ordered another skein of Cascade Heritage Wave.  I thought the color changes would be repeated though the skein,  but no, it starts purple then gets light and goes to a gray and black.  So the first sock is purple, the second sock would be gray/black/purple sort of.  I like my socks to match, so I ordered another skein.  Bummer, because I was really wanting more of the gray/black with a bit of purple.  But on the flip side, I will have enough yarn to knit another pair of socks that will be more in the color I had originally wanted.
I like the pattern.  It is very forgiving.  I know I made several mistakes, but they don't show.  The only thing about the pattern is it uses 60 stitches instead of my usual 64.  I made the sock shorter than usual because it wouldn't go over my calf.

I did finish all the hats, but forgot to take a picture of the finished monster hat.  We sent them to our god daughter and her family and they sent a pic of all the kids wearing the hats, which was a very sweet thank you.

I ended up knitting another quick hat, (no picture) the Sophia Beanie.  One of the ladies at church said, "Oh you knit?  Would you knit a pony tail hat for my daughter?" I thought that was kinda bold to just ask me to whip one out, but I decided I could do it as we were driving 8 hours to Texas and back..  Gave it to her the other night.  I hope the daughter likes it.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas!!

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  1. I love your sock color a lot because I'm a purple lover. What I can see of the pattern, it looks intricate. How nice that you will have two pairs of purple socks. Yes, I agree it was kinda bold to ask you about knitting something for her, especially at this time of the year. Hopefully she will show you a picture of the daughter wearing it, at least. Have a very Merry Christmas.