Friday, December 9, 2016

On the Needles Friday

Another crazy week in Crazy Sue world!
Work Crazy
Christmas Crazy
And yesterday my boyfriend had outpatient surgery that went very well.  Whew!

So this picture pretty much sums up Thursday.  I knitted another Turn a Square hat for a gift and started on a Monster Hat for a gift.  Both are for teen aged siblings of our god daughter.  Need to get them in the mail by next Tuesday!

 I think the hat will go quickly if I pay attention. I got to the decreases on the Turn a Square hat and realized I skipped the increase round.  :(  Had to start over.  Thankfully it is a quick knit and I had all day yesterday to sit.

What's on your needles??


  1. Great hats! Tis the season! Glad your boyfriend's surgery went well.

  2. very nice hats and hope the recovery goes well

  3. I like both of those cute hats. Good job on getting them done so quickly.