Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not as pretty as the picture

Well I did it.  Bought a vintage machine.  It is a Wheeler & Wilson No. 9, circa 1879.  It looks better in the picture, but I am hopeful that a little TLC will help.  The owner just really wanted to get it out of her way, so she even dropped the price while I was looking at it.  It belonged to her great grandmother, "Bama".  I think I will name her "Belle", because they live in Belle Fountaine Beach.

The mechanism does turn, needs a good cleaning, belt and I forgot to see if there was a bobbin in it.  It does have some of the attachments, I will just have to inventory the drawers to see what is there.  Hopefully my son will be home this weekend to help me get it out of the car. 

I found a copy of the instruction manual on line, and the operation looks pretty straightforward.  I also saw that parts were available on ebay.  Oh boy!  A new project for me!  Just what I needed. :)

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