Monday, June 29, 2015

They sucked me in again!

You know I love a good challenge.  I'm working on my first two Row By Row kits.  I had to get one from my local quilt shop, Block Therapy.  Then Saturday I ran over to Gulfport and picked up the kit at Coastal Sew N Vac.

I made the first (top) block of the Block Therapy row, which is a lighthouse.

The Coastal row is die cut iron ons, so you would think I could do that, right?  After I finished I realized my angel fish are upside down.  It was hard for me to tell.  Pattern reference would have helped.....;)  My bad.  Hopefully, my marine biologist boyfriend will not laugh at me too much.

I'm thinking of driving to New Orleans Friday to pick up more rows at the NOLA area quilt shops.

Yep, sucked me right in!

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